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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it is real. >> of course, you would put your e-mail address. >> i like getting e-mails and when you let people e-mail you, they tell you all kinds of they thinks, positive and negative about our foremprogramming. >> that's exactly, that's why i don't give out my e-mail address. i am craig melvin here on msnbc. the bromance is still strong as trump is tweeting out. trump is giving vladimir putin kudos for not retaliating on the sanctions. the inauguration is three weeks away and the clock is ticking. president obama will be heading to the hill next week to meet with lawmakers to brainstorm a plan to save his signature piece of legislation.
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tomorrow is new year's eve around the world and security operations are well under way. we'll have live report for you coming up. >> donald trump tweeted moments ago of his latest reaction to punish putin for interfering the u.s. election. trump tweeting, great move on delay, i always knew he was very smart. he was referring to his russian president, putin saying that he will not be expelling in the u.s. diplomat or closing any u.s. facilities in that matter. senator mccain announcing today there will be a hearing on the russians' cyber attack.
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>> even on those who are sympathetic to president obama on most of the issues are saying part of the reasons he did this today are "boxed in." that's unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor here. >> after 18 months of this hacking, he does something about it. why did he not do something like this 18 months ago, it would not have happened. >> we have our reporters for you, halie jackson in west palm beach and hans nicolls, our correspondent in washington. halie, we have russian ambassadors michael mcfaul, ambassador, i will get with you in a minute. halie, let me start with you there. how surprising is this?
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>> it does not seem surprising when you look at the history of what president-elect trump has said publicly about vladimir putin and what his team has said about the relationship that donald trump wants to have with donald trump once he takes office. it would have been more surprising if he comes out and tweeted the opposite of what he said about vladimir. and decided hey, maybe he would hit vladimir putin and come out and do this. this is consistent of what we have seen of donald trump. you called this of a bromance at the top of your show, giving donald trump his space and not coming out and allowing this ball to be in donald trump's court. the street was pinned to the top of donald trump's twitter page. that tweet will stay at the top
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regardless of what donald trump tweets. in the last couple of minutes here, the russian embassy of the united states retweeted of what the president-elect trump had to say. he's been interacting a fair amount with world leaders and remember we had that retweet from benjamin netanyahu of the response earlier. >> it continues to amaze t president-elect trump decided to use this as his primary method to communicate, not just with the media but the world as well. >> he's done it all along. he's consistent if nothing else. i want to get to lucy on the phone there in moscow. >> it was scandalous that the u.s. decided to go after their kids about kicking people out of their country.
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>> why did putin ignored his foreign minister recommendations, do we know at this point? >> putin is a master. showers that i have spoken to, he's akieving two things. he's clearly expecting a friendly call from the president-elect trump. and putin gives off the appearance domestically of taking the high road. and extending a personal invitation to the kremlin's holiday parties. day two of this new cycle of the theme of children and family values is picking up here in
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russia. take a listen to this from russian ambassador to the u.n. >> all i can say is that i think it is quite scandalous that they chose to go after our kids. they know full well those two facilities -- they're vacation facilities for our kids. this is christmas time and this is a vacation time for our schools for the first until the third of january. this is the time where kids are going there. blocking off access to them, to me is rather cynical. >> the ironow, craig, the boss
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in and trying to give the appearance of taking the high road and everyone is towing that new line. >> it makes you wonder, lucy, the president-elect trump announcing yesterday that he's going to in fact have this meeting with intelligence officials next week. it has to make you wonder if the president already made up his mind that russia had no hand in all of this. >> hans is standing by. any more information on what those covert actions maybe. and when we may hear anything about that? >> i don't know if they absolutely said they'll take covert actions. that's an option they want to
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reserve. i just caution you a little bit of that. we have this from vice president biden, if they do take covert cyber action, we may never know about this. >> there is some surprise. there is another theory that simply this is an acknowledgment by the putin and the russian state that they did indeed crossed the line by hacking in and interfering with the u.s. ectio elections. there is a lot of plays right now. i have not heard from anyone since the trump's tweet. i suspect they are not all surprised by trump's tweet. i am curious of what ambassador mcfaul will be saying. >> we'll be speaking with the ambassador later. >> hans nicolls there. halie let me go back to you if i
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can. can you tell us a little bit more of the hacking? >> reporter: yeah, this is something that senator mccain along with lyndsey graham is holding a series of hearings and trying to make public of some of what official haves been saying and seeing behind closed doors when it comes to the evidence of u.s. intelligence analysts that it was moscow that was behind this interference u.s. election. that's going to be a big moment next week when everybody gets back to washington and donald trump gets back to new york and gets back to work at least for members of congress who have been on a bit of a break. despite the president-elect's team do not want to be fox boxed in. not that it would stop donald trump from making decision that we have seen from his behavior in the past and decisions
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making. it could be put at risk -- it is a fine line for the president-elect trump to walk. >> halie jackson for us in florida. thank you, big thanks to lucy kafanov and hans nicolls as well. michael mcfaul, ambassador, thank you for your time this afternoon. lets start with with the tweet that the president-elect trump posted a short time ago. lets put it backup on the screen for our viewers. great move on the delay, i always knew he was very smart. donald trump referring to vladimir putin. what's your response to that? were you surprised at all? >> i agree with vladimir putin with this one and vladimir
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putin. this kind of moral equivalent that they did it because we had to. there had to be a response, i applaud the obama administration for response and i am happy for our diplomats that they don't have to leave moscow. do you see president putin's refusal to engage of an admission that russia did cross the leine. i would not go that far and although it is interesting. i have not seen everything. i am very struck by the fact that there are senior russian government officials are not going on the record to refute the case that the obama administration published yesterday. that's striking and unusual. i think he's waiting and obviously, he thinks he had
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concession to win from president-elect trump and he does not want to jeopardize that so he's waiting for the next administration to come and test that proposition. >> were the sanctions, did they go far enough? >> lets remember there were no different sanctions and one was in response to the interference of the president ial election ad with respect to the harassment of our diplomats, i do think it issing a strong message. you saw the reaction from russian officials. with respect to the interference of our election, i think it was the first positive step, it had to be done and what they did was making attribution absolutely clear. i hope moving forward we'll never have to have a debate about whether or not the russians interfeen vene in our elections.
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it is a whole lot more that we still need to know and i even think we need to know about the obama administration of the reaction to what they know and what they knew of when they did and why they decided to delay of publishing this at this time. there is a lot to be known and i hope the u.s. congress and the trump administration will do that. you just said that it was crystal clear and the president-elect trump has said it is not crystal clear. this is something that i don't think a lot of folks realized what's going on than a few days ago. talk about some of the has harassments and yourself included of moscow objected to. >> there is a big uptake of harassments in 2012 with the return of president putin who
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blamed the united states of america and obama administration for revolutions against his regime. remember there were massive protests in russia back in december 2011 and the spring of 2012 and putin blamed us for those protesters. there was an uptake in h harassment. and it was in a way that was apparent. the kgb, it is called the fsb now, if they want to follow you and not know it, they did it in a way where people knew it including me and my family. that's been repocorded on television cameras and i think that the secretary kerry had
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been trying to resolve these and the obama administration just got fed up and decided to do something before they left off. >> ambassador mcfaul, i want to get your reaction at an interesting scene in northern california. they invited the press in and handed out free shchampagne and did not announce that their chef was being kicked out of the country. >> they'll believing soon. one of the employees, he's the chef of the console. the new year's party that we'll have in an hour here and later
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on the new year eve, december 31st, we'll have the cook ourselves without his help. >> what's the point of that? >> well, i deeply regret that the council general won't have his chef for the party. my guess is they'll have other people toa appetizers and whatnot. the people on the list were not just chefs and diplomats. they're people that allegedly involved in a intelligence gathering here in the united states. i don't know the details obviously. that's the way the obama administration explained the list yesterday. there is something more than the story than just chefs being taken away at new year's. >> you said allegedly, are you
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not convinced that they were being kicked out of the country were engaged in behaviors. >> my assumption that they were but i don't want to make assumptions. >> ambassador mcfaul. thank you for your time, happy new year to you, sir. >> you, too. >> coming up, we'll talk all of this with senator menendez. the compounds being shut down. these were being used by russian personnels for intelligence related purposes. what is that? we live in a pick and choose world.
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more now on our top story of hacking activities and harassments of u.s. diplomatcie. >> there is a look at the compounds now, used by russian diplomats. it is now shut down, the united states says the fiacilities wer being used by russian personnel for intelligence related purposes. our cal perry is joining me now. what do we know about these
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compounds. >> lets start with maryland, 45 acres and huge compound and dozens cottages each and it can accommodate 44 people. a soccer field. i spoke to a friend of mine, he went to parties on this compound. he said it was like a camp on row boat as and he said it was really good parties. >> this is the place that russians would use. the u.s. government is going to say there were a gray area here and espionage is going on. you pointed out something yesterday repeating the proximity of this. >> close to an nsa facility
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about 40 minutes away from the naval academy. >> in new york another facility is shut down as well. what do we know of this facility in new york? this is on the north shore of ireland. it is 14 acres and bought in 1954. today you are looking at our documents coming out of this facility and the state department is in control of this philly. they are working for local authorities of this. as of now, this compound is shut down. >> that seems to be spies. >> safe house. you can throw a party there, you know it is not bugged. most of the residents who lived around the compound, most of the time it is empty, it is just
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caretakers looking after. >> all right, cal perry. hackers wanted by the fbi and hackers known by the fbi and nbc investigators tom winter here with more on that part of the story, i know you have been tracking these guys since the news break yesterday, what did we find out about these two. we get a list of six names and four of those people were tied to russian intelligence. >> we have been told for the past several months that this is happening was that there were independent, two independent or part of a group. independent actors that were doing this hacking. >> we'll start with bogachev, he's 33-year-old. he's from russia and they
12:25 pm
believe he is still in russia. they called him "one of the world's worst cyber criminals." they issued $3 million awards for him which is the highest. he's been indicted of a case out of pittsburgh and charged out of a case in nebraska. they say he created this game over zeus, it is a game that's over a malware. it takes your user's name and password and banking information. they say a million computers were impacted by this. 25% of those computers were in the u.s. and over hundreds of millions of dollars were taken and tied to this software that he created. >> he's a soupuper hacker. >> yes, they called him one of the worst. >> $3 million reward for him. >> the other person took information from three cyber firms in san francisco and he's
12:26 pm
got federal warrants for both locations. he's on the fbi's most wanted cyber criminals list. >> what's the likelihood that we'll ever be able to get these? >> no extradition agreement ws russia and as we have seen with edward snowden, there is no chance that we are able to get criminals that we wanted from russia in the past. you can imagine of these two of the chance of getting them back is very slim. >> belan does have a russian passport. >> and appears to be a dozen of alias as well. >> they are both known to travel -- belan is known to travel in other parts of the world and they are mobile. if you have taken that much money that's alleged in court
12:27 pm
document, they have the means to be able to probably sustain themselves. >> tom winter is continuing to dig into these thank you and fantastic reporting. >> millions gathering in times square and celebrating the new year's and what law enforcement is doing to keep everyone safe. blacher will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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4 million people remaining under winter weather advisories right now. the search continues for the private plane advantage in the sky. the coast guards found no signs of the three adults and children who were reported to be on abort >> the family of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher have not decided on where of the funeral place. >> todd fisher calling their relationship "a beautiful love story." >> you are looking at a live picture of times square in new york city. more than a million people will descend on the few blocks ringing in the new year's
12:32 pm
tomorrow night. the 12,000 crystal ball went a run, the ball is fine. the whole celebration goes smoothly. they are ramping up a massive security to prevent of any types of attacks including a record of 7,000 uniformed police officers. abc is in times square with the latest of all the preparations. >> reporter: craig, the transformation of times square is beginning early right now. you can see people are putting out stages and installing barriers and a lot of this is getting ready for an enormous performance and is a question of security. nypd is going to have a record of officers here in times square in the area. that includes regular uniformed
12:33 pm
police as well as under cover police and on top of that, these especialliy trained counter terrorism. we have seen some of them patrolling here in times square. they with armed with these guns and high velocity rifles. people who are here are going to notice something fundamentally different and that's what these streets are going to be block e blockaded completely. 65 of them. they are enormous. nothing can drive through them. they are so big. that's in a response of what has been a terrible year of attacks around the world. most recently in berlin and christmas markets a and in nice over the summer, back to you. stefanie, thank you, she just mentioned recent attacks over
12:34 pm
seas and cities all over the world are stepping up security. london is heavily regarding buckingham palace. n nbc's claudio is joining me now where night is falling. what kind of security presence are you seeing there and how is it comparing to what you may see on a normal day at night. >> reporter: let me set the scene for you. you can see it right behind me and this is the place where every year tens of thousands of party goers coming here to toast the new year. now they are used to watching the fire works here.
12:35 pm
you can see that fire power behind me and you can see that. those are some of the 7,000 being deploys across italy and regular police force guarding and the. >> this is not new and they are here patrolling of the streets of italy long before the berlin attack. now, of course, additional measures are being put in place during the christmas spirit and new year's eve a. you have snipers on roofs around sensitive areas and extra police and rebelepeople are going to bd
12:36 pm
to go through metal detectors. here, we have flower pots. if you think these are not going stop vehicles from driving through the coliseum, or those heavy armor vehicles will definitely do that. back to you. >> with one of the most beautiful backdrops at the coliseum. good to see you my friend. be well out there. >> president obama's sanctions creating quite a rip of the republica republican party. president-elect trump says time to move on from the sanctions. a number of prominents saying not so fast. could trump facing oppositions from his own party at capitol hill right after he takes office?
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got a quarter?
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weeks before president-elect trump donald trump is softwawea. congressional republicans are at odds on how to move forward in response to russia's hacking activities. senator mccain and lyndsey graham and mccain scheduling a hearing on a cyber threat on focus of russia and wasting no time. the hearing is happening on january 25th. here to talk more is senator bob
12:41 pm
menendez. thank you for being with me. >> good to b with yo >> letstart with the president-elect trump, great move on vladimir, i always knew that he was very smart. the president-elect trump is referencing mr. putin refusal to react to the sanctions by president obama. what do you make of president-elect trump's communicative, if you will? >> well, it continues a line of positive engagement, what the president president-elect will find as we have found in the past that putin only understands strengths. at the end of the day whether it was his taking over crimea of his invasion into ukraine and
12:42 pm
the action is taken in syria and the list goes on and on. he can say all the nice things that he wants but that's not going to change vladimir putin's efforts to have a great russia. >> ryour colleagues and those o the foreign committee in which you serve, they welcome the new sanctions of russia, are you confident that the president elect will acknowledge the intelligence that he will let those sanctions stand in office? >> i hope he does and as a matter of fact, hi talked . >> i talked to my colleagues and before we knew of the cyber attacks to strengthen the sanction. when the president-elect trump getting all the preefings abrie
12:43 pm
intelligence, it is undeniable that russia was involved. on the president-elect trump, he's concerned of his victory. the issue is at the end of the day, regardless on what effect it did or did not have, the mere fact of the country tries to affect the election of the president of the united states, and members of congress ultimately should cause great concerns for every american. that alone should be enough. i know that my colleague in a bipartisan way in the senate overwhelmingly feels that way. he will be looking at a sena senate -- >> here is rudy giuliani this morning responding to the timing of these acts if you will. take a listen.
12:44 pm
now, after 18 months of this hacking, he does something about it. why didn't he do it sooner, i would not have happened. >> what's your response to that? >> well, look. i understand that president obama did not want to be seen as if he was trying to affect the elections by coming out with more information and maybe having taken actions before. and, so he did not want to be seen as taking sides of that election. and standing the fact that he was campaigning for hillary clinton. i understand that view. i actually would have liked him to have taken actions earlier on and let the american people decide for themselves. now, that we have all of this information out there, it is very clear that anyone who is balanced in terms of their approach to the issue will see that the russians were truly engaged in trying to affect the
12:45 pm
election by the disinformation by leaking information and knowing that it may very well create a negative impact on the candidacy of hillary clinton. does that mean the election's results are different at the end of the day? that in of itself should cause great alarm. we have elections in europe in france or germany where the russians are a pretty much engaged in europe. so the international community has to respond to russia in a way to make it clear that this is a violation of international norms and consequences. >> lastly here and quickly as well. and democrats are going to be invited to attend president obama's meeting on the hill next week. will you be participating in those conversations and what do you want to hear from the president and i understand the
12:46 pm
folks ai heard from the meeting is primarily how to save obamacare. >> i have not heard the full agenda but i look forward to hear the president's last opportunity to senate democrats about his own views and how we move forward and of course, we'll have to plan a course with the president-elect trump and see what the future brings us. i hope it is a good one for the n nation's sake but i think it will be a challenging one. >> senator, happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> we are about 24 hours in, holding up and we'll take you inside the hospital in israel that's opening its doors to help syrians wounded during the fighting and struggling to find medical care. nal needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one.
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a nation wide ceasefire in syria appears to be holding. that is despite minor violations. the truce brokered by russia and turkey took effect roughly 24 hours ago and does not apply to isis, kurds, and other terror groups. the ceasefire is the latest in a series of efforts designed to end the 6-year-old conflict. the united nations estimates at least 400,000 people have been killed so far in that fighting. the un also says nearly five million syrians fled the country
12:51 pm
all together. nearly nine million more are internally displaced. some of the wounded order now being treated at hospitals in other countries including this in israel. this is footage that nbc news gathered from one of the hospitals on the israeli border with syria. coming up, how president-elect donald trump responded to president obama's sanctions against russia and we will dive into that. what it could mean for future relations between the two former cold war enemies. with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you.
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the president-elect's transition team said there are no plans for donald trump in russia's president vladimir putin to talk. instead senior trump advisers say the priority at this point is the president-elect's meeting with intelligence officials next week. as we have been reporting, trump did tweet praise of putin's decision to delay retaliation towards the u.s. there is the tweet. i always knew he was very smart, referring to vladimir putin. carrie is the political correspondent. two of the posts on a friday afternoon. let's start with the latest tweet from donald trump and the
12:56 pm
idea that come january 20th, he is going to have senators like lindsey graham and john mccain who will be pressuring him to take the threat from russia more seriously. how is he going to navigate those waters? >> he is doing what he wants to do which is being called a puppet of vladimir putin. he is praising him left and right throughout the campaign and now, to be clear he is taking the side of an autocrat who had enemies and journalists murdered rather than our sitting u.s. president. he doesn't seem to be caring so much about what other republicans have to say. >> any reason to believe that any of that changes after the intelligence briefings he said he will get next week.
12:57 pm
>> i think the fact that he said we should move on and i will sit down with the intelligence officials suggests that he will have this one opportunity soon. >> right now the relations between donald trump and the intelligence community are strained. there will be a need to get back on normal footing before he takes the oath of office. >> i want to play something that incoming white house strategist steve bannon said to breitbart today. this is about the political. >> the hobbits or the deplorables had a great run in' 16 and everybody mocked them and ridiculed them and now they have spoken. i think in 17 is going to be
12:58 pm
very, very exciting. a very exciting year. >> on what issues do we think the trump white house will try to mobilize support fromhe se. >> that's an interesting question. a lot of the things the base has been calling for are not necessarily the kinds of issues that have seen priorities. it's hard to imagine they care about tax cuts for the wealthy. maybe they do. some of the other things that have very much appealed to the core trump voeder. mass deportation and building a wall, he backed down on us. you might see other subtler issues take place, things like no longer enforcing civil rights laws or voting rights laws, particularly given the new attorney general nominee. >> jeff sessions from alabama there. when it comes to the affordable
12:59 pm
care act or obamacare as it is known to most, the president is headed to the hill and talking with lawmakers about steps they can take perhaps to try to save his signature piece of legislation. what is this white house strategy against republican repeal plans? >> i think one is to try to build public support for it. they struggled since the act has passed. the other thing i think they will have to do is acknowledge the problems in the implementation of the act in cost and coverage and come up with a proposal and a plan b for what would replace obamacare. essentially engage. >> happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> and "the washington post." both of you guys at the same time. that will do it for this hour. i will see you next week for the
1:00 pm
start of the day. have a and happy weekend. steve is picking things up. >> also on our agenda vladimir putin and the long game. >> you know, at one level i am surprised and at the same time it was a shrewd move. the russians hope to get everything they want from donald trump merely by flattering the man. >> surprising some by choosing not to retaliate in response to oba obama's sanctions. instead a charm offensive from


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